About Us

We are Instrumentation and Electronics Engineers in Pondicherry. We have special interests in Robotics and Embedded Systems.

What do we do? We practice coding in C, C++, Java, Python etc. We do not encourage practice of obsolete methods of solving problems we rather concentrate on modern and more stable methods.

Most of our college mates (even E-Students) sell themselves to IT companies for a price. Unfortunately, their career ends there within a company. Through this blog, we try our best to motivate our Juniors and our classmates to get into hardware stuff rather than IT.

 Do not expect this to be a strict technical blog. Most of the posts will consist of small experimental studies on everyday electronic gadgets and conventional college lab stuff. Here, we share information about the oncoming and previously occurred technical festivals in famous colleges. We'll also provide some ideas about how to compete in the events. Any technical discussions can be made here. Announcements about Internship programs and summer crash courses conducted within South India will be made. Documentation of the Final year projects made by E-department students will be uploaded from time to time. Ideas about implementing IEEE papers in Final year projects will also be published.

Any technical information useful for newbies can be sent through email
( vanangamudiyan.veliyidu@blogger.com )
which will be moderated and published by our team.

* Vanangamudi ( vanangamudiyan@gmail.com)
* Raajee  (avraajee@gmail.com)
* Wild_Kid (tamizhmaravan@yahoo.in )
* Rkay (lonelylife.rk@gmail.com)
* HBK (hari18pravin@gmail.com)
* Pradheep Rajan (peehdarp@gmail.com)


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